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Businessowner’s Policies

Currently available in a select but rapidly growing number of states (see map of our Operating Area), our policy helps protect the financial resources of small- to mid-sized companies. While we write policies for many types of businesses, some of our favorites include restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, processing and services specialists, hotels/motels, artisan contractors, and auto services operations. A “Total Insured Value” up to $20.0 million is typically sought, but we consider even larger accounts as well.

Our product offers:

  • All the major business property and liability coverages in one policy.
  • The availability of many specialized endorsements, including ones targeted to the specific needs of different industry groups.
  • Optional increased limits and the flexibility to customize coverage to unique circumstances.
  • Competitive basic pricing as well as a variety of price discounts.
  • A fast and easy application process, enabling a quicker quote.

Businesses can get a quote for a Businessowner’s Policy and see firsthand all the benefits Berkshire Hathaway GUARD offers.

Our Businessowner’s Policy coverage can be obtained separately or as part of a comprehensive multi-line solution.


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