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Homeowners Claims Reporting

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD provides secure coverage and superior service, including effective claims handling. As a result, policyholders should report a loss as quickly as possible, using our toll-free Claims Hotline, 1-888-NEW-CLMS24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls will be transferred to a team specializing in this coverage.

You can expect . . .

Every policyholder expects and deserves an immediate claims response. Our well-defined processes are designed to provide the best available solutions.

After the initial call:

  • The claim will be turned over to a highly-trained adjuster who will guide the claimant through the process.
  • Information about the loss will be collected and damage to property will be assessed; if necessary, further investigation will occur.
  • Sometimes, a physical inspection might be required that could involve scheduling an appointment, interviewing witnesses, taking photos, etc. These activities are often necessary to accurately determine the origin and scope of a loss.
  • When appropriate, we will take steps to mitigate damage by implementing actions such as boarding up buildings and reducing moisture to prevent mold and mildew.
  • We will explain the policy’s coverage and the manner in which endorsements apply.
  • We will work with our claimants to try to achieve our shared goal of a timely resolution.

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