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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability coverage, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD writes policies from coast to coast for a wide variety of businesses but with an emphasis on small- to medium-sized companies – our specialty! While the kinds of protection offered by all insurers are largely dictated by government regulations, we distinguish ourselves from others in key ways:

  • Competitive pricing. (Our multiple insurance company subsidiaries allow us to feature multiple pricing tiers well matched to the needs of different businesses; we also utilize schedule credits/debits where available and have Group and Individual Dividend Programs that can help earn return premium.)
  • An easy, streamlined process for obtaining quick quotes.
  • Cash-flow friendly payment terms (including “pay-as-you-go” and self-reporting options).
  • Value-added loss control services that can make a workplace safer and a bottom line stronger.
  • Fast, fair claims handling that focuses on quality medical care as the means of achieving the quickest possible return to work and superior cost containment.
  • Excellent customer service (which encourages renewals).

Businesses can get a quote for Workers’ Compensation insurance and see firsthand all the benefits Berkshire Hathaway GUARD offers.

Our Workers’ Compensation coverage can be obtained separately or as part of a comprehensive multi-line solution.


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